Saturday 30 July 2011

Reform Symposium 3 (Day 2/3) #RSCON3

What I learnt from RSCON3 

This is pretty much a summary of my Twitter activity @Lauwailap1


  • Ask students to show what they've learnt, but do not stipulate the medium. They can present back however they want, a 3 minute chat, presentation, video, dance etc
  • Give them freedom, but also give them structure
  • Innovation Day: Students choose their own project. Let students choose what they want to do and they will do it well.

Lisa Nielsen

Ask the Q: Are you better today than you were yesterday?

George Couros and Dr. Alec Couros: Why Schools Should Be Like a Family Restaurant

  • Create a warm and welcoming learning environment
  • Talk to every student you walk past, never ignore a student.
    • It's all about the relationships
  • In the family restaurant analogy: "Understand the customer"
  • Constantly re-assess the menu, i.e. constantly assess what you're doing.
  • Have fun
  • Let individuality shine through
  • Get out there and mingle-connect with peers, teachers

    Principal El

    • Never give up: Persistence overcomes resistance
    • Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
    • You (the teacher) are the one to make the difference
    • If the government can't get it right, we just run our own schools. We have to fight for our children and our schools.
    • Make sure students are not over-confident. Make sure they are still working hard. They must believe that they need to take responsibility. But they also need to know that when they fall, you will be there to pick them back up.
    • Tell students "You can be me, because I was once you"
    • Let students know that you can choose your behavior, but you cannot choose the consequences.
    • Excellent teachers move ordinary children to do extraordinary things
    • Flexibility=Creativity
    • We need to give up control so that students can grow
    • Failure will be a part of their life. Students must embrace failure, they should own failure. Pick up and move on.

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