Sunday 31 July 2011

Key learning from Steve Wheeler's Closing Keynote #rscon3

Thanks to Steve for an awesome talk, I've been following him on Twitter for a while, but his talk was one of the most enlightening and refreshing talks I've heard for a while. Alongside Principal EL and Guy Claxton, they would definitely go on my dream panel discussion!

Some highlights (Full slides at the bottom):

Some other nuggets:

For mobile learning policies and indeed any school policies, get parents on side first.

For mobile learning policy and AUP in new technologies, get students to help write the policy. They are intelligent and will have much better ideas than teachers and other adults

We all agree standardised testing needs to go. What can replace it? How about ipsative assessment-measuring against previous attainment.

We should blog, as it helps crystallize ideas.

Full slides below:

The concept of Web x.0 is blowing my mind right now!

For more gems, follow Steve on Twitter @TimBuckteeth His full details are also here:

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