Sunday 24 June 2012

Agile Pedagogy with Miles Berry

Miles Berry leads ICT education at the University of Roehampton and is also the chair of NAACE. Miles is a real story teller and as such, it is almost impossible to make notes and reflect how truly awe-inspiring his talks are. He managed to introduce 3 big ideas in his talk which completely blew me away.

1)     Froebel’s blocks for education
2)     The role of the Pedagogue-the Greek Etymology of the word being “a slave who took a child to a place of learning”.
3)     3 ways of learning: Play, Reading manuals/tutorials, Talking/socialising
4)     The idea that the 6 ingredients for a good computer game could also be used for programming
5)     Code avengers-A website for kids to learn Javascript

I mean not to do Miles any further injustice in the way of diluting his message. So here is his actual presentation in full:


  1. Thanks for this William. The recording is now online at

    1. Thanks miles. Always a pleasure hearing you speak. I've updated the link.