Friday, 19 October 2012

5 free sites to learn programming and computer science

Code Avengers
Javascript, HTML, CSS

Learn Javascript (and they have recently added HTML/CSS). They even have a rap/theme tune which is quite catchy. Great for kids and adults alike.

Code academy

Python, Javascript, Ruby, JQuery, HTML CSS
Probably more geared towards 16+/Adults as there's less of the animated kids graphics in there.

Certified university level courses in Programming, Saas, Computer graphics etc

Free lessons from MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, University of Texas. You even get a free certificate from HarvardX, MITX etc. What more could you ask for?


Purely for the love of learning, you can learn a huge range of subjects

A huge range of free courses including:
    Biology & Life Sciences
    Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Vision
    Computer Science: Systems, Security, Networking
    Economics & Finance
    Electrical and Materials Engineering
    Health and Society & Medical Ethics
    Information, Technology, and Design
    Physical & Earth Sciences

    Business & Management
    Computer Science: Programming & Software Engineering
    Computer Science: Theory
    Food and Nutrition
    Humanities and Social Sciences
    Music, Film, and Audio Engineering
    Statistics, Data Analysis, and Scientific Computing

University of Cambridge:
Build an operating system using a Raspberry Pi


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